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SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital @ The Global Betting & Gaming Show - Online Edition
Set 8–Set 11 giorno intero

SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital  (#SBCSummitBarcelona)SBC Barcellona

The Global Betting & Gaming Show – Online Edition


Dates: 8-11 September 2020




10,000+ Delegates

200 Speakers

100 Exhibitors


The SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital is the online version of the Global Betting & Gaming Show, SBC’s flagship event. It will deliver a fully virtual and interactive conference, product exhibition and networking opportunities to delegates with an interest in any sector or market of the global betting & gaming industry.


The event will gather the world’s leading operators, suppliers, regulators and other industry stakeholders to share the latest developments in sports betting, igaming, lottery, payments, affiliate marketing, and much more. Delegates will hail from all regions, with over 100 countries represented. It will be a unique opportunity to reach and network with a global audience of decision-makers, stay updated on the latest developments, and be a part of the current discussions in and around the world-wide industry.


The Barcelona Summit provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to stay in touch with their industry friends and peers remotely, at a time when we are facing what has become the greatest threat ever to our industry.


For enquiries contact [email protected]


For more info and free registration visit https://sbcevents.com/sbc-summit-barcelona-digital/

SBC Summmit 2020 @ Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona
Set 8–Set 11 giorno intero

SBC Summmit (#sbcsummit)


5,000 Delegates

350 Speakers

200 Exhibitors

7 Conference Stages

200+ Operator Representatives

The SBC Summit is the premier industry show where you enjoy learning, networking and getting business done. It’s a unique opportunity to reach and network with a global audience of key decision-makers from the betting and gaming industries.

The Summit combines 18,000 sqm exhibition space and 200+ exhibitors with 7 conference rooms and over 70 hours of content covering sports betting, casino, gaming, payments, digital marketing and safer gambling, brought to you by SBC’s leading

event brands.

The exhibition is taking place on the same floor as the conference area. It has been split into the following areas: sports betting zone, casino / gaming zone, payments zone, and the digital marketing zone.

The conference presents over 350 speakers in 90+ sessions, which makes it the largest conference gathering the betting and gaming industries have seen to date.

There will be plenty of networking and business opportunities, including evening networking

dinners and parties at the finest venues Barcelona has to offer. In this way, delegates can engage in networking and business non-stop for three days, all in one show.

For enquiries contact [email protected]

More info on: https://sbcevents.com/sbc-summit/

Set 9–Set 11 giorno intero


GTIDue to the rapid development of the Chinese economy and its increasing influence on the global economy, the China market attracts a lot of operators’ attention.  As one of the four “BRIC Nations,” China has great business opportunities, which a lot of international businesses have set their eyes on, particularly in the gaming business, with two beneficial new policies, “Electronic Arcade Management Regulation” and “Electronic Arcade Special Zone.”   Resultantly, the need for amusement/ gaming machines has increased dramatically.  The market has shown promising prospects, and its future development is closely watched by businessmen in this sector around the world.  The 12th GTI Asia China Expo that is organized by Haw Ji Co., Ltd. will be held from September 9~11, 2020 at the  A Zone, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, China.  This is the best platform for those who want to enter the Chinese market and purchase Chinese products.  China, with a vast territory and abundant resources has immense needs for entertainment; the government’s liberal policy on the comic industry activated the development of game industry.  More and more manufacturers from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong set up factories in China, or cooperate with Chinese manufacturers in order to expand the market.


TAAPE @ Hall 11 &12, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand 
Set 9–Set 11 giorno intero


Thailand(Bangkok)Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo(TAAPE)

DateSept.09-11, 2020
VenueHall 11 &12, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
OrganizerCompass Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Frequency Annual
China Exclusive AgentGuangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Group Co.,Ltd.

Booths Number(Expected): 620 booths, exhibitors will come from over 20 countries or regions including Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, German, India, France, Malaysia, Australia, America, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, etc.


Introduction of Thailand

National Strategy–Thailand’s 20-Year National Development Strategy has been put into effect with aims to become a developed country by 2037.

Thailand is located in the central Indochina of Southeast Asia, which is adjacent to Burma on the north, Andaman sea to the west, Laos on the Northeast and Malaysia on the South. It is one of members and founders of ASEAN Economic Community founded in 2015, which is consist of 10 Asian countries that will liberalize trade and investment without tariffs. As the core area of ASEAN, Thailand will provide a ideal platform and important market for overseas enterprises for profit.


Introduction of Exhibition

TAAPE 2020 is the first and only professional Amusement show in Thailand. The show will bring as many as manufacturers producing indoor amusement products for children, mechanical amusement products, amusement products of Water theme park and Carnivals, gathering Bangkok to showcase the latest development of Entertainment and Leisure industry in Thailand. It will attract the companies from over 20 countries and professional visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma, China, Korea, India, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Britain, etc. Moreover, the rising of Thailand’s economy and the growing of middle-class provide a good chance for the development of Entertainment and Leisure market.


Introduction of Amusement Market

Due to the impact of global financial crisis, Thailand’s economy fluctuated, but it has been showing a positive growth since 2010. In 2017, Thailand’s GDP has increased by 3.9%, up from 3.3% in 2016, with the fastest pace in five years.Thanks to the growth of Tourism, its GDP has increased by 4% in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared with the year earlier, a growth of the 15th consecutive quarter.

With the successful completion of the “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit in Beijing, the initiative of“One Belt, One Road” has received a positive response from the world, and the business community has also given unprecedented expectations to Chinese manufacturing. In the view of Chinese companies, Thailand, located in the core area of the Indochina Peninsula, has a good geographical advantage and great potential for development under the “Belt and Road”initiative. In addition, as Sino-Thai relations are becoming better and better in recent years, it hopes that with the help of the “One Belt, One Road”,  they could open the market based in Thailand but covered whole ASEAN area even all around the world.

TAAPE, the first exhibition focused on the industry of theme park, video games and Amusement products, will serve as a display window for manufacturing and designing company of amusement/theme park products to enter the Southeast Asian market. It will cover the whole ASEAN area, acting as the most effective trading channel for exhibitor’s products. Starting from Thailand to expand ASEAN, with the center of “Belt and Road”, it will lead more Chinese enterprises into the world.

Related Exhibits

· Video Game Products and Accessories: amusement game machine, simulator, remote control equipment, hit game machine, game machine(GB), arcade, home game machine and peripherals, animation product, online game, carnival lottery machine, interactive game machine, doll machine, gift machine, sticker camera, video game software, various entertainment machines, puzzle and entertainment equipment, various coin dispenser, color version, game console display, display(tube), button, power, game token, power lottery accessories.

· Park and Playground Facilities: roller coaster, skate, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bumper, kart, view car, tour bus, ropeway, robot, simulated golf, simulated shooting system, drifting equipment, water slide, water walking ball, touch boat, model, water fountain, fog screen, cold fog system, water treatment equipment, wave-making equipment, extreme sports facilities, outdoor sports, rock climbing facilities, optoelectronic combined amusement equipment, laser, lighting, Pyrotechnics, special effects, motion picture, 3D, 4D film, water screen film equipment, performance equipment, special photographic equipment, special stereoscopic film Projector, vending machine, playground and entertainment center management software, ticketing system, kiosk, park lighting (park light, outdoor landscape lighting, LED display, LED buried lamp), park sculpture, etc.

· Children’s Amusement Facilities: children’s cart, electric car, swing car, children’s paradise, preschool facilities, inflatable amusement equipment, air model, children’s game frame, slide, swing, swing chair, turntable, naughty castle, trampoline, seesaw, combination amusement toy, safe cushion, toy, etc.

· Landscape Design: park, scenic spot, landscape, tourism project planning, design and engineering, landscape sketch design, amusement project design, recreation product packaging, entertainment space design, Environmental art, thematic landscape art, green seedlings, garden facilities, garden machinery, flower gardening, animal and plant simulation, rockery stone, sculpture art, wax art, theme art engineering.

Objective Visitors

· Various theme parks, water parks, scenic spots, film and television bases, resorts, leisure clubs, supermarkets, hotels;· Museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, oceanic halls, the preparing and operating organization of memorial buildings, property management companies;

· Various theme industry parks and their developers;
· Government planning and designing departments and related procurement departments;
· Various developers of cultural tourism and commercial real estate investment;
· The distributors of amusement products and video games, the owners of game halls;
· The authorized suppliers, manufacturers, agents, distributors and retailers of related derivative products;
· Relevant education departments, schools, professional training institutions;
· Sporting goods dealers, entertainment investors and other professionals;
· Financial, insurance and venture investment institutions;
· Other professionals related theme park and cultural tourism;
· Game developers, operators, publishers, software and hardware service providers, research institutions, game players, etc.


Why us

· Meet potential business partners, trade buyers, investors and customers

· Generate onsite sales

· Ideal opportunities for Thai companies to introduce new products and also establish widen dealer network

· Connect with new customers

· Know your competitors to keep your competitive edge

· An ideal opportunity for overseas companies to promote their brand and distributors

· The right place and right time to promote brand

· Allow exhibitors to gauge reaction to new product and take consumer feedback

· Get the chance to shake hands with industry experts, influen tial decision makers and clients to discuss the next generation solutions

Booth  Fee


Standard Shell BoothUSD 410 /sq.m3m×3m(Partition Height 2.5m, one desk, two Upright chairs, two Fluorescent,Fascia Board with company name, waste basket, 1 socket 5 amp/220v
Raw Space OnlyUSD370 /sq.m18m2 and above
RemarksRegistration fee: USD 500, Corner fee: USD300/per corner


Set 22–Set 24 giorno intero



Following the successful launch of SiGMA Europe (Malta) and SiGMA Asia (Manila), we’re now launching the inaugural SiGMA LatAm, covering all three major timezones. The inaugural edition is set for September 22-24, 2020 with a virtual summit focusing on two themes: SiGMA LatAm Focus and SiGMA Deep Tech.

SiGMA LATAM FOCUS: In line with our commitment to cover the various gaming verticals and also bring the Americas closer to our delegates from Europe and Asia, we have curated an interesting agenda with a line-up of speakers made up of final decision makers. The event will run from 14:00 – 17:00 CET // 9:00 – 12:00 GMT -3. Explore agenda.

SiGMA DEEP TECH: By Techies. For Techies. SiGMA Deep Tech will shine a spotlight on expert tech leaders, CTOs and developers Topics such as with AI, Big Data, UI, open-source vs licensed tech and much more will be addressed during the talks. Explore agenda. The event will run from 18:00 – 20:00 CET // 13:00 – 15:00 GMT -3. Explore agenda.

We wanted to provide fresh content, we wanted to help you navigate through these turbulent times. If you’re exploring Americas as a new frontier, or wondering which tech solutions to embrace, we got you covered on September 22-24, 2020.

Get in touch with Sophie for more info about SiGMA LatAm.

Get in touch with Hamza to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Enada Primavera 2020 @ Rimini Quartiere Fieristico, ITALIA
Set 30–Ott 2 giorno intero

Il mondo del gioco torna a darsi appuntamento alla Fiera di Rimini per la manifestazione di riferimento, ENADA PRIMAVERA dal 11 al 13 marzo 2020 per la sua 32ª edizione, fiera leader per tutti gli operatori del Sud Europa.
È organizzata da Italian Exhibition Group e promossa da SAPAR, Associazione Nazionale Sezioni Apparecchi per Pubbliche Attrazioni Ricreative, con il supporto di EUROMAT e in collaborazione con le principali associazioni del settore.A ENADA PRIMAVERA partecipa tutta la filiera del gioco, che vede in esposizione tutte le novità di questo settore, dai prodotti, alle tecnologie, ai servizi delle più importanti imprese italiane e straniere, utili ad aggiornare le conoscenze degli operatori: newslot, VLT, tutte le attrezzature del divertimento, comprese le tecnologie, i sistemi di pagamento, gli arredamenti e i servizi per sale giochi e bingo. Inoltre, una completa gamma di proposte riguardanti il gioco on line, il mobile gaming e l´offerta di gioco dei concessionari di rete.
In visita oltre 25.000 operatori professionali che confermano il ruolo di fiera leader e che rappresenta a tutti gli effetti un appuntamento imprescindibile e un’occasione irrinunciabile per mostrare le capacità innovative del settore.Grazie alla piattaforma organizzata da IEG le aziende espositrici possono incontrare buyer internazionali secondo un’agenda di appuntamenti concordata prima dell’inizio della fiera: i business meeting si svolgono presso gli stand delle aziende con il supporto del nostro ufficio di marketing estero.

Le aziende espositrici, anche per l’edizione 2020, saranno collocate nei 4 padiglioni gemelli del lato ovest (mantenendo aperto, oltre all’ingresso ovest, anche quello sud), che garantisce un flusso di visitatori più razionale: ENADA PRIMAVERA si adatta e si rimodula sulle esigenze del mercato, e soprattutto, su quelle dei suoi operatori.

La kermesse ospita non solo le principali novità in termini di prodotto e di servizi, ma anche dibattiti e momenti di confronto tra tutti i protagonisti della filiera (istituzioni, produttori e concessionari di rete) che dedicano ampio spazio e attenzione anche al tema del sostegno e promozione del gioco responsabile e legale, controllato e sicuro.

ENADA PRIMAVERA è il posto giusto per dare energia al tuo business!
Ukrainian Gaming Week @ Kyiv
Ott 6–Ott 7 giorno intero


UGWOn June 30, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine started the consideration of the draft law 2285-d “About regulation of activities related to organization and conduct of gambling” at the second reading stage. The Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Daniil Getmantsev reported that initially around 3,500 amendments to the draft law were suggested. Now just 1,500 out of them are left for consideration. It is expected that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will handle it during the next plenary week.

At the dawn of the gambling market transformation in the country, Smile-Expo will host a large industry exhibition Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 in Kyiv. On October 6-7, participants of the event will present advanced gambling solutions and speak about subtleties of the Ukrainian gambling legislation, advantages, and prospects of the market.

The exhibition expects 100 participating companies and 2,000 attendees, and its floor area will comprise 6,000 square meters.

Exhibition UGW 2020

Exhibitors will include software developers, gambling hardware manufacturers, affiliate networks and programs, banks, payment aggregators, gambling operators, bookmakers, marketing and SEO agencies, consulting, law companies, and many others. For instance,

  • IGT – an American company that provides a range of stationary slot machines, lottery and betting terminals, video slots, mobile and social games, as well as software for online casinos, betting companies, and lotteries.
  • Alfastreet – a company that supplies different models of automated roulette, gambling terminals, electronic games, casino equipment, slot machines, etc.
  • Papa Karlo – a CPA network that focuses on the payday loan (PDL) niche. It works with affiliates using the RevShare model.
  • Gamebridge – a manufacturer and supplier of game equipment for poker clubs and casinos.
  • Winsystems – a provider of comprehensive solutions for gambling business, its product assortment includes casino management tools, electronic roulette, slot machines, solutions for lottery business and innovative systems for gambling industry.

Digital Chain will act as an exhibitor and badge sponsor. This full-cycle agency offers customers a wide range of efficient marketing solutions that allow achieving different business goals.

Alpha Affiliates will play the role of a bracelet sponsor of UGW 2020. This affiliate program works in the gambling niche with offers from direct advertisers and focuses on foreign markets.

You will find the full list of exhibition participants on the website ugw.com.ua

Conference and awards ceremony

The event will involve a two-day conference featuring international gambling experts, Ukrainian lawmakers, and representatives of specialized organizations.

Besides, UGW will select the best companies in the sector on the first day of the event. The festive UGW Awards ceremony will take place during the party.

Organizer and venue

The international company Smile-Expo that has been hosting events about innovations for 14 years worldwide is organizing the exhibition.

Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 will take place on October 6-7 in the pavilion 4 of the International Exhibition Centre.

Program and event highlights – ugw.com.ua.

Blockchain Life 2020 @ Moscow, Expocentre
Ott 21–Ott 22 giorno intero

October 21th22th , Moscow, Expocentre


Dear participants of Blockchain Life 2020!

As you know, Blockchain Life is one of the world’s largest industry events, which is annually attended by over 5000 participants from 70 countries. Over 70% of the speakers at the Forum are international experts who fly to Russia specifically for this occasion.

The priority for us, as the Forum’s organizers, is always to ensure the safety, comfort and high quality of the event for participants.

In connection with the Covid 2019 virus pandemic declared by WHO, the global deterioration of the situation in the European and Asian regions, the closure of borders and air traffic between countries, the introduction of restrictive measures to reduce mass events by the Russian Government, we have decided to postpone the 5th International Forum Blockchain Life 2020 and the Blockchain Life Awards 2020 to October 21-22, 2020.

All purchased tickets, sponsorship packages and speaker line-up remain in place until October 21-22. No additional actions are required.

Given the difficult situation with the advancement of the pandemic and the fall of the world markets, we want to support the development of the international blockchain and crypto community on these challenging days.

We have decided to give away an online bonus:

From April 1 to May 1, we are going to open the “Networking 2.0” application for all Forum’s participants. You are going to have a whole month to get to know the right people and start working together. Learn more about the app here. Next time the application is going to be opened for work only on September 20.

We look forward to seeing each of you at the online webinar on April 22 and the main international event on October 21-22.

Organizing Committee of the Blockchain Life 2020 Forum.


G&A @ Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair
Nov 28–Nov 30 giorno intero
G&A @ Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair


Zhongshan International Games&Amusement Fair (G&A) is currently one of the most professional industry exhibition in China. It aims to create an international, authoritative and efficient industrial platform and promote cooperation between overseas and domestic amusement industry.

In 2008, the first G&A Show was successfully held with a trade turnover of 1.23 billion RMB, making it the industry’s most forward-looking and attractive high-end business event. In 2009, the Expo attracted 166 companies to exhibit, gathering more than 15,000 professional buyers, and the trade turnover reached 2.08 billion RMB, which has become an important brand for China’s diversified and international exhibitions.

From 2010 to 2017, the scale of G&A increased from 44,000 square meters to 100,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors increased from 243 to 450, and the trade turnover of trade intentions has continued to increase, reaching 3.51 billion RMB, which has established an important position in the grand blueprint for the construction of the provincial cultural industry.

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