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Asia Amusement&Attractions Expo 2021 @ China Import&Export Fair Complex
Mag 10–Mag 12 giorno intero

AAA 2019 Review

Spanning over 120,000 Sq.m in 12 Exhibition Halls, 2019 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo(AAA), as one of the largest and most comprehensive games, amusement, and attractions trade shows in the world, was successfully held at this May 9th to 11th in China Import & Export Fair Complex, gathering exhibitors from 11 countries and regions. 

Always appreciate the strong support from the more than 600 home brands every year such as: UNIS, WAHLAP, Golden Dragon, G-LOOK, Golden Horse; Letian, WANGMING, PRODIGY, Huaxin, Cowboy Toys, C&Q Amusement, UNITE ART, CreARTive Cultural, LESGOetc. Welcome to join us to showcase your innovations.

Breaking all records set in previous editions, the overseas exhibitors of AAA 2019 grew by 35%, including F2 Systems Inc(Korea), Sacoa Debit Card System (Argentina), Straight Drive Technology (India), Semnox (India), Embed International(Australia) Homepin Limited (Hong Kong), Wibit Sports (Germany), ZONE LASER TAG & HOLOGATE (Germany), Dragonautics Pte Ltd (Singapore), Delta Strike (New Zealand), etc.

96% exhibitors gained promising leads; 94% buyers found their products of interest.


Partial Feedback From Exhibitors 

China Children’s Industry Exhibition Trading Base told the reporters that: “ We have invited over 50 of our members to exhibit with us at AAA 2019, and our booth occupied over 1000 sq.m in Hall 5.1. Over 800 pieces of equipment were sold in 3 days, totaling more than 10 million yuan! Orders were coming from major cities nationwide, including Chongqing, Taizhou, Tianjin, as well as from overseas, such as India, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and etc. We expect follow-up business of another 10 million yuan soon after the show !”

One of golden exhibitors-Dacheng Animation said “More about 12 countries buyers ordered their products with us! A great harvest! We have participated AAA for more about ten years and will continue to support as always !”  Zhengzhou Prodigy gave us the feedback that they got twenty million orders until May 21th and the orders are increasing, etc.


Partial Feedback From Overseas Buyers 

We found this time enough new things. We ordered a lot (6-7 40ft containers).

-Frans Gigengack, Director Gack Spiel-und Freizeitgeraete GmbH (the Netherlands)

I love it (AAA 2019)! Every time it comes out with lovely new things!

-Susan Myat, CEO at UNLAND Indoor Playground (Myanmar)

We ordered machines from 14 different companies.

-Bhavesh B Shah, Managing Director at Gujarat Amusement Industries (India)

Thanks for inviting us to the fair. Really impressive and lots of ideas.

-Francois Zanini, Director at SHOWZ Agency (Hong Kong)

In response to the new trend of IP, AAA 2019 set up a related Pavilion and held an IP-themed Forum, making IP Licensing a keyword this year. Covering over 3000 Sq.m, the IP Licensing Pavilion attracted 47 exhibitors, showcasing 327 brands and properties. For those who were new to this business, IP Licensing Forum was the place to go, featuring more than a dozen IP-savvy operators and licensing agencies, analyzing successful cases and teaching the audience how to success in this new area.


AAA 2020 Prospection 

2020 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA 2020) 

Date: August 4th-6th, 2020

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area B)

Website: www.aaaexpos.com

VMF 2021 @ China Import and Export Fair Complex
Mag 10–Mag 12 giorno intero

Guangzhou Int’ l Vending Machines and Self-service Facilities Fair (VMF 2021 )

Date: May 10th-12th, 2021

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex


Address: No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, China


China Exported 282,000 Vending Machines Worldwide in 2019

Over the past 5 years, China’s vending industry has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of over 50% according to the research of CCAGM. Export makes up a significant part of Chinese vending industry’s yearly revenue. China Customs Statistics shows that in 2019, China shipped 282,000 vending machines abroad, totaling 103.17 million US dollars, up by 17%.


Preview of VMF 2021

As one of the biggest and most influential vending shows in Asia, VMF is the ideal platform to grab post-pandemic business opportunities in the region!


To help connect global businesses amid the pandemic, the show will continue with its Online Matchmaking Service, which has benefited buyers from 12 countries in 2020. What’s more, supported by 80+ Expert Advisors from influential trade bodies like EVA, AVA, ANEDA, ABVM, IVMOA, VASA, JVMA, and etc., VMF 2021 is going to engage worldwide insiders across the board.


Review of VMF 2020

Overcoming impact of the on-going pandemic, VMF 2020 set a record number of 703 Exhibitors, more than double the figure in 2019! Exhibiting brands included Rhea Vendors (Italy), Silkron (Malaysia), CPI (US), TCN, JETINNO, Easy Touch, Kimma, Chipoo, Soyea, GREE, ProVending, Zhilai, Zebra, Yile, and so forth. 89.12% of buyers were very satisfied with the show, and 61% of buyers spent at least two days visiting the show.


Exhibition Scope

  • Vending Machines & Self-service Kiosks
  • Micro Market/Unmanned Stores
  • Payment Solutions
  • Office Coffee Services
  • Vending Items
  • Vending Machine Parts & Accessories
  • Logistics & Cold Chain for Perishable Vending Items
  • Vending Machines Management & Operation; etc.


Concurrent Trade Shows Providing More Related Product Choices

  • 2021 Guangzhou Int’ l Commercial Smart Equipment Expo (Smart Expo China)
  • The 4th Guangzhou Int’l Smart Retail Expo (SRE 2021)
  • 2021 China (Guangzhou) Int’l Commercial Payment System & Device Expo (CCP)
  • 2021 Asia-Pacific Perishable Logistics and Cold-chain Exhibition (PLCE)
  • 2021 Asia Smart Retail Display & Equipment Expo (SRDE)


Welcome to follow us on our website www.chinavmf.com for more update!


Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Overseas Committee of VMF 2021

Contact: Candice Li

Mobile/What’s app:+86 15913593827

Wechat: 19902731802

Email: [email protected]


VR&AR Fair 2021 @ China Import&Export Fair Complx
Mag 10–Mag 12 giorno intero

VR&AR Fair 2021


2021 Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit (VR&AR Fair 2021)

Date: May 10th-11th (9:00-17:00)

May 12th (9:00-13:00)

Venue: China Import&Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China

Address: No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

Website: http://www.vrarfair.com/index.php?lang=en

Hosted by: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Co-organized by: Guangzhou Virtual Reality Industry Association, Guangdong VR Industry Alliance, Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation, Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Association



VR&AR Fair has been successfully held for 4 editions, which is one of the most professional and influential VR & AR trade exhibition in China. The 2021 edition will be held with 2021 Asia Digital&Showcase Expo (ADSE) on a show floor of 50,000 square meters (5 exhibition hall) with 450 exhibitors, which are going to cover sectors: VRARMRXR, digital cultural tourism, digital exhibition hall, Immersive products, digital application equipment, digital content, Smart display, multimedia interaction, central control system, etc.


By February 2021, over 250+ world-renowned companies have confirmed their attendance for 2021. Representative exhibitors: 3GLasses, PICO, Heilongjiang Virtual Reality Association, LEKEVR, KATVR, Movie Power, Longcheng, Fenyuzhu, Crystal Digital, Frontop, Silkroad Digital, Trf Culture, MARCH RAIN MULTIMEDIA, China OCT, Jianye display, etc.


  • Concurrent event&Acitivities:

2021 World Culture and Tourism Forum

2021 Asia Digital & Showcase Expo

2021 Asia Amusement&Attractions Expo

2021 World Immersive Industry Conference

2021 Asia Vision and Immersive Industry Expo Ceremony Awards Conference


  • Exhibition Scope
  1. VRARMRXR, digital cultural tourism, digital exhibition hall, digital cinema;
  2. Lighting/speaker equipment, smart display, projector;
  3. Immersive products, optoelectronic equipment, digital application equipment, digital content;
  4. Ring screen / ball screen / fog screen / arc screen;
  5. multimedia interaction, central control system

Fore more details, pls feel free to contact us.


  • Contact Us

VR&AR Fair Organizing Committee

Person: Aileen Chen

Phone: +86 18520692907 / 13416251017

E-mail: [email protected];

Mag 27–Mag 28 giorno intero

The launch of ICE-SiGMA Asia DIGITAL will provide a unique opportunity to rethink how we live and work


SiGMA Group has announced that, due to the C-19 global crisis, both the SiGMA Manila and AIBC Manila expos, planned for June 8-9 2020, will now be rescheduled to May 27-28, 2021.

SiGMA Manila

In line with SiGMA Group’s commitment to facilitating new business opportunities for key players in the global iGaming and emerging tech sectors, and together with Clarion Gaming’s ICE Asia, SiGMA Manila will also carry out an online conference in 2020. ICE-SiGMA Asia DIGITAL will take place on June 8-10. Delegates can register for free here.


The three day conference will cater for both gaming and tech audiences, with free-of-charge content geared towards bringing the industry together in what has been a difficult time for businesses. Delegates who register for the online conference will also get a free standard ticket for Manila 2021.


Founder and CEO of SiGMA Group, Eman Pulis said, “In line with SiGMA Group’s commitment to facilitating new business opportunities for key players in the global iGaming and emerging tech sectors, the digital conference will embrace the difficulties we are facing at a time when working together has never been more important. COVID-19 has provided a unique opportunity to rethink how we live and work.”


The interactive experience will feature a series of panel discussions and keynotes from leading industry contributors, bringing top speakers together for discussions that will engage the community and shape the future as we adapt to a fast-changing global environment.


After careful consideration, and due to growing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), SiGMA Group has decided to reschedule their flagship Asia events SiGMA Manila and AIBC Manila  to May 27-28, 2021. The company said that while they remain committed to SiGMA Manila, the health and safety of their exhibitors, attendees, partners, and employees is of paramount importance, making this the only responsible course of action.

Clarion Gaming, Managing Director, Kate Chambers said, “My team and I continue to empathise    with our Global Gaming community as well as industries and supply chains around the world that are being affected by COVID-19. We understand the deep impact the virus continues to have with our friends and colleagues across the Asia region and Globally, and our best wishes go out to them.

“These are unprecedented times, and we would like to keep our communication channels open and understand the challenges unfolding across the Asia Gaming community.”

Founder and CEO, Eman Pulis said, “The situation with COVID-19 is still unpredictable but one thing is certain – we remain fully committed to the Asia front with SiGMA Manila. I moved with my family from Europe to Asia last year to make this work and leave no stone unturned. There’s just so many events being pushed to the second half of 2020, that, in everyone’s best interest we feel pushing the show to May 2021 gives us enough time to regroup and launch with a dynamite inaugural show.”


Together with Clarion Gaming’s ICE Asia, the Manila super show was set to take place on June 8-9 this year. SiGMA Group said that rescheduling the 10,000 attendee event is the only responsible course of action which will enable the successful events company to provide the experience that their customers, partners, and employees expect and deserve in a safe environment.


Commenting on the situation, Yabo Serena, the Head of Marketing for Yabo Group said, “We love what SiGMA has been doing in Europe and Asia and look forward to the inaugural show next year in Manila.”


Given the extra eleven months to prepare, SiGMA has also decided to increase the amount of floor space available. “We believe the appetite for iGaming business in Asia will grow even stronger. In other words, expect an even bigger show in 2021, pandemic permitting!” continued Eman Pulis.


A company spokesperson added, “We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. We will be working with our suppliers and partners to finalise further details and will share more information about our plans in the coming weeks.”


Any enquiries about SiGMA Group events should be addressed to [email protected].


Prague Gaming Summit 2021
Mag 28 giorno intero

Anche dalla sua edizione inaugurale del 2017, il Prague Gaming Summit è stato considerato l’evento leader nella regione che offre un’impagabile opportunità per gli operatori locali e internazionali di riunirsi ogni anno per fare rete e imparare . La conferenza ha registrato una crescita considerevole durante l’edizione 2018 e continuerà a portare la piattaforma di qualità con la quale i soliti delegati si sono già abituati.

La terza edizione della conferenza si concentrerà sul portare avanti la sua missione e riunire operatori locali e internazionali con esperti del settore per la condivisione delle conoscenze che implica conformità e innovazione.

Sulla base dei feedback ricevuti durante le due precedenti edizioni, aggiungeremo ulteriori dibattiti regionali e alcune nuove funzionalità, tra cui workshop speciali e ampie sessioni di networking.

L’edizione 2019 del Prague Gaming Summit ha l’obiettivo di fornire un rapporto di qualità sull’attività del settore nella Repubblica ceca e nei paesi limitrofi come la Slovacchia, la Polonia e una speciale tavola rotonda regionale DACH.

Perché partecipare?

Vi invitiamo ufficialmente ad un evento di partecipazione obbligatoria se siete una società attiva che desidera conoscere le innovazioni del settore e le questioni relative alla conformità.

L’evento aprirà anche idee di investimento se desideri iniziare a essere un fornitore o operatore legale nei paesi demografici e circostanti.

Coloro che cercano una connessione in rete scopriranno che il Prague Gaming Summit offre una grande varietà di possibilità di networking attraverso l’evento e collega cene e feste in rete.

Ecco cosa hanno detto sull’evento del 2018

Nadiya Attard (Responsabile delle nuove vendite di NetEnt)
“Il Prague Gaming Summit è sicuramente l’evento più importante per quanto riguarda l’apprendimento e il networking con gli esperti del settore provenienti dai paesi dell’Europa centrale. nella ricerca di partner che rispettino le leggi locali e abbiamo dedicato sforzi continui per fornire le migliori soluzioni nei mercati regolamentati. Essendo tra i delegati che hanno partecipato anche all’edizione inaugurale del 2017, posso dire che l’evento di quest’anno è raddoppiato nei numeri dei partecipanti e ha portato l’esperienza dell’evento al livello successivo.

Catherine Chauvin (Area manager presso PMU)
Ama queste conferenze più intime perché consentono ai delegati di coltivare un rapporto di lavoro. Adoro i ragazzi dietro questo evento! Tornerò l’anno prossimo. ”

Michal Shinitzy (Amministratore delegato presso Pangea Localization Services)
” Ci siamo divertiti moltissimo al Prague Gaming Summit! Non solo le discussioni sono state molto approfondite e istruttive, il programma era sempre puntuale. senza ritardi, erano in perfetto orario e gli sponsor erano al vertice del loro gioco e avremmo sicuramente pensato di partecipare al prossimo! ”

Bartosz Andruszaniec (WH Partners)
“Il Prague Gaming Summit 2018 è stato un evento eccellente con relatori rinomati, contenuti interessanti e un numero impressionante di delegati che hanno rappresentato una varietà di attori del settore.Esso ci sono molte opportunità di networking, sia durante le parti formali che informali della conferenza. per l’evento del prossimo anno a cui parteciperò sicuramente. ”

Dettagli di contatto Per maggiori dettagli visita: praguegamingsummit.com / events.europeangaming.eu

Maggiori informazioni : www.praguegamingsummit.com

Set 9–Set 11 giorno intero

GTI Asia China Expo 2021
Dates: September 9 ~ 11, 2021
Venue: Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Contact: Game Time International, 2F-1, No. 17, PaoChing St., Taipei 10585, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2760-7407 ext 208 / ext 217
Fax: +886-2-2742-0522
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.gtimagazine.com.tw / www.gtiexpo.com.tw
China Water Park and Outdoor Amusement Equipment Expo (CWPE)
Dates: September 9 ~ 11, 2021
Venue: Area A, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Contact: Game Time International, 2F-1, No. 17, PaoChing St., Taipei 10585, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2760-7407 ext 208 / ext 217
Fax: +886-2-2742-0522
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.gtimagazine.com.tw / www.gtiexpo.com.tw
The following GTI Asia China Expo & CWPE media cooperation proposals are of your interest, please revert
to us with your interested option and welcome your better suggestions. GTI wishes you all the best!

SiGMA America
Set 13–Set 14 giorno intero

Que bom! SiGMA Americas is heading to the buzzing metropolis of Sao Paolo in Brazil for the next edition of our world-renowned show, this time combining both the gaming and emerging tech industries under one roof. The event will take place on 13th – 14th September 2021 at the beautiful Tivoli Hotel. 

As the fastest growing gaming market in the world, Latin America is the ideal backdrop for our bustling expo floor where the leading gaming and emerging tech innovators will showcase their wares. The conference will also bring together 150+ of the industry’s best-and-brightest minds to highlight the latest trends. Not to mention the plethora of networking events, where you can connect with like-minded professionals. The event will be split into two themes: 

SiGMA Americas: From the exploration of new markets to fresh digitisation, the emerging LatAm gaming market is truly an exciting place to be. SiGMA Americas offers an opendoor approach to innovation within Latin America’s fast-changing gaming landscape and well established North American landscape.

AIBC Americas: We’re merging two large expos (SiGMA and AIBCunder one roof, pushing boundaries for the two verticals to learn and feed off each other. Expect revolutionary expert speakers and the latest in cutting-edge innovations from Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, IoT and FinTech. Part of our content will also be featuring

SiGMA Deep Tech: By techies, Fotechies. This segment will shine a spotlight further into the digital rabbit hole with contributions from expert tech leaders, international CTOs and developers. The unique Deep Tech segment will cover topics such as AI, Big Data, UI, open-source vs licensed tech and much more.

Explore the agenda or check out who’s one the floor plan.

For more info about the event, get in touch with Sophie. If you would like to know how you can benefit for sponsorships, get in touch with Hamza.


Enada Primavera 2021 @ Rimini Quartiere Fieristico, ITALIA
Set 21–Set 23 giorno intero

Il mondo del gioco torna a darsi appuntamento alla Fiera di Rimini per la manifestazione di riferimento, ENADA PRIMAVERA dal 11 al 13 marzo 2020 per la sua 32ª edizione, fiera leader per tutti gli operatori del Sud Europa.
È organizzata da Italian Exhibition Group e promossa da SAPAR, Associazione Nazionale Sezioni Apparecchi per Pubbliche Attrazioni Ricreative, con il supporto di EUROMAT e in collaborazione con le principali associazioni del settore.A ENADA PRIMAVERA partecipa tutta la filiera del gioco, che vede in esposizione tutte le novità di questo settore, dai prodotti, alle tecnologie, ai servizi delle più importanti imprese italiane e straniere, utili ad aggiornare le conoscenze degli operatori: newslot, VLT, tutte le attrezzature del divertimento, comprese le tecnologie, i sistemi di pagamento, gli arredamenti e i servizi per sale giochi e bingo. Inoltre, una completa gamma di proposte riguardanti il gioco on line, il mobile gaming e l´offerta di gioco dei concessionari di rete.
In visita oltre 25.000 operatori professionali che confermano il ruolo di fiera leader e che rappresenta a tutti gli effetti un appuntamento imprescindibile e un’occasione irrinunciabile per mostrare le capacità innovative del settore.Grazie alla piattaforma organizzata da IEG le aziende espositrici possono incontrare buyer internazionali secondo un’agenda di appuntamenti concordata prima dell’inizio della fiera: i business meeting si svolgono presso gli stand delle aziende con il supporto del nostro ufficio di marketing estero.

Le aziende espositrici, anche per l’edizione 2020, saranno collocate nei 4 padiglioni gemelli del lato ovest (mantenendo aperto, oltre all’ingresso ovest, anche quello sud), che garantisce un flusso di visitatori più razionale: ENADA PRIMAVERA si adatta e si rimodula sulle esigenze del mercato, e soprattutto, su quelle dei suoi operatori.

La kermesse ospita non solo le principali novità in termini di prodotto e di servizi, ma anche dibattiti e momenti di confronto tra tutti i protagonisti della filiera (istituzioni, produttori e concessionari di rete) che dedicano ampio spazio e attenzione anche al tema del sostegno e promozione del gioco responsabile e legale, controllato e sicuro.

ENADA PRIMAVERA è il posto giusto per dare energia al tuo business!