The contribution published in the magazine DIRITTO DI INTERNET N. 4/2023 focuses on the correct exegesis of the art. 217 DL n. 34/2020 which, pursuing imperative reasons of general interest, establishes the so-called “Salvasport” Fund. Some critical issues specific to the sentence in question are highlighted which creates an unjustified disconnect between the tax levy provided for by this law and the actual purpose of the same. It is not possible to ignore the regulatory data: the Legislator himself has placed a quantitative limit on the aforementioned Fund. It cannot therefore be said that the upper portion remains acquired by the treasury.

Joseph Cassano He is a Professor and Civil Lawyer of the Law Firm that bears his name. He was a professor of Private Law at the Luiss University of Rome and today Director of the Department of Legal Sciences of the European School of Economics. He has always dealt with civil liability. He has published various contributions on the subject of personal protection and civil liability, including essays, notes on sentences, volumes and treatises. He directed the magazine “Diritto dell'Internet” for Ipsoa and now directs the magazine DIRITTO DI INTERNET, for Pacini.

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